I offer the following services to authors. All are priced by the word unless otherwise noted.

Manuscript Evaluation

In a Manuscript Evaluation, I will read your manuscript, assess its strengths and weaknesses, and write you a lengthy edit letter detailing its major developmental issues and how best to fix them in your next revision. This high-level feedback is a good starting point for manuscripts that are still in revision and have not yet been checked for plot holes, consistency of characterization, pacing issues, and such.

Line Edit

In a Line Edit (some would call this a "heavy" copyedit), I will edit your manuscript both for mechanical concerns (as I would in a Copyedit) and for style, tone, consistency, and flow. I may rewrite sentences for clarity or conciseness, and I will either fix or call to your attention any internal inconsistencies I find in the manuscript (such as shifting names or conflicting descriptions). This more intensive approach is best for authors who would like their prose improved and streamlined as well as checked for errors.


In a Copyedit, I will edit your manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage according to the Chicago Manual of Style (the standard style manual for the book publishing industry). I will point out any internal inconsistencies in the manuscript and flag sections of wordy, unclear, or awkward prose for your revision. This faster, less intrusive approach is best for authors who prefer a lighter editorial touch or for those under time or budget constraints.

Writing Coaching

Stuck in the middle of your work-in-progress? Writing a serial? Prefer to revise chapter-by-chapter as you write? I can still help!

If you have something other than a full manuscript to be edited from start to finish, or if you need to stretch a limited budget to cover the most critical sections of your manuscript, I can be hired on an hourly basis to meet your needs. Contact me with the details of your project for more information.

Not sure what your manuscript needs?

Unless your manuscript has already gone through a developmental edit (or extensive revision and peer feedback), you should start with my Manuscript Evaluation.

This level of editing, often called "developmental editing," is the professional version of the critiques you would receive from peers or in a writing workshop. It is meant to help you develop your manuscript into a functional work of fiction. At this stage, my focus is on big-picture concerns, such as plot, conflict, character development, pacing, setting/worldbuilding, and whether your manuscript meets the requirements of its genre. In my edit letter, I may suggest that you move, add, delete, rewrite, or make other substantial changes to large passages of the manuscript.

Once you're satisfied that everything you need to say is on the page, in the right place, and effectively said, you're ready for a copyedit.

Unlike a developmental edit, a copyedit is focused on smaller (in scope, though not necessarily in importance) and more mechanical concerns. My goal at this stage of editing is to make your prose as readable as possible by ensuring that it conforms to grammatical conventions and follows an appropriate, clear, and consistent style. My edits will be made directly into the manuscript using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature (which will allow you to review my edits and accept or reject each individual change). These edits are unlikely to affect more than a sentence or two at a time. This should be the final stage of editing your manuscript undergoes, though you may also wish to hire a proofreader to check the final layout of your product.

Still not sure what you need? No problem! Send me a short sample (3-5 pages) of your manuscript, and I'll let you know where I think we should start (and how much it will cost) and show you what that level of editing would look like on your sample.