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This quiz will measure your affinity with each of the five color-philosophies of Magic: The Gathering. Based on the Gallup StrengthsFinder, it is a zero-sum questionnaire that pits successive pairs of colors against each other in order to tease out your overall preferences.

You will be presented with forty statements. Mark the degree to which you agree with each statement, then hit "Submit" at the bottom once you are done. There are no "wrong" answers, only philosophical differences. For the most accurate results, try not to linger too long over each question—go with your gut response.

(Disclaimer: I am utterly unaffiliated with both Wizards of the Coast (MtG) and the StrengthsFinder; this quiz is authorized by neither party.)

1. One ought to prioritize the good of the community over one's own personal gain.

2. If someone intentionally provokes you, they deserve what they get.

3. It is better to follow an established approach than your own new methods.

4. Every living thing is worthy of respect.

5. "Victimless crimes" aren't crimes at all.

6. It is best to keep one's emotions concealed in public.

7. Hands-on experience is better than book learning.

8. Showing emotion during an argument is a sign of weakness.

9. There's no need to waste time learning a difficult task if someone else can do it for you.

10. It's worth it to suck up to the boss now if it will make you the boss later.

11. It is better to live an exciting life than to live safely.

12. Plans and schemes are all but useless in the end; better to live for the moment.

13. One need only obey the rules that make sense to him or her.

14. Some things are objectively wrong, no matter the circumstances.

15. The concept of "equality" is silly; everyone is born with different talents to fulfill different roles.

16. If enlightenment comes at the cost of humanity, so be it.

17. One should feel no regret after killing in self-defense.

18. When your gut says one thing and the data say another, follow your gut.

19. Technology will bring about a better future.

20. It is better to alienate others with your correctness than to win the world's favor for being wrong.

21. Sometimes you need to make a mess.

22. True power lies not with the ruler, but with their advisors.

23. Those with exceptional ability are obligated to use it in service of their communities.

24. Some things are valuable for their beauty alone.

25. It's smarter to change yourself to suit society than to try to change society to suit you.

26. Humankind has a long way to go before it can improve upon nature.

27. Sometimes you have to take justice into your own hands.

28. Everyone manipulates the rules towards their own ends—there's nothing wrong with doing so.

29. It is more important to rehabilitate criminals than to punish them.

30. Incremental change is preferable to sudden upheavals.

31. There is nothing wrong with eating animals.

32. Those who ignore, then fall victim to, the dangers of nature deserve no sympathy.

33. The status quo must be constantly questioned in order to perfect society.

34. One should never let monetary concerns get in the way of love.

35. The comforts of civilization are worth its costs.

36. If you can't measure and quantify something, it's not worth knowing.

37. Knowledge that brings no power is worthless.

38. One can become anything one wants to be.

39. It is wasteful to set aside land as "wilderness" when it could be put to productive use.

40. There is nothing wrong with sacrificing one's social life for one's career.

This quiz was written and programmed by Laura Handley with help from Olivia Hurley. Thanks to all the folks on our Slack channel for their advice and time spent beta-testing!